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Monday, June 3, 2013

Surgery Day for Jia

Say some prayers for Jia because today is her big surgery day.  Today will be the first of many palate surgeries ahead of Jia.

Jia's palate looks more like the photo on the far right. She has a repaired left lip as well (repaired in China), but the opening does not go all the way through.  I was told by the cleft team... a cleft palate being closed in between her open lip/gum and palate is quite uncommon.

The surgeon is opting to perform the Z- plasty technique (unless he changes his mind in the operating room.) There are other techniques, but the technique they ultimately chose depends upon the width of the palate opening.


She will also being getting her ears fixed and will be having some tubes put in her ears to drain all the excess fluid.

When I brought her to Children's Hospital for her cleft team appt, they tested her ear drums for vibration. She did not pass the test because she has so much fluid in her ears.

We actually had no idea her China medical file said she had severe hearing loss. Prior to match, the doctor who looked at her file told us her hearing loss was probably just related to fluid.

But when I took her to the cleft clinic at Children's, the ENT reviewed her ABR from China and said after examining her, "I do not believe that this ABR is accurate at all, these results say she is practically deaf. There is no way this little girl is deaf." I was kind of shocked since we had no idea that this was her prognosis. Turns out after her hearing test, she does have some moderate-mild hearing loss (probably due to fluid) and may need an external hearing aid after surgery. (In the range of what we were expecting...not the severe loss according to her file).

However, this further explains her lack of Mandarin comprehension. So, we decided to schedule her surgery immediately since we are in a critical window for language development.  

It is interesting to note how well her English comprehension is coming along despite her hearing loss. But, God knew which family was needed for her. Her big brother Joel talks nonstop from the moment he wakes up until the moment he his fast asleep at a decimal level of a yell. You could not ask for a better language environment for her.  LOL

On a side note, all of Jia's blood work also came back negative, so all of this is a big answer to prayer.

Lesson learned .... do not necessary believe all the medical reports you are given from China.

In Jia's case, they were not accurate.

This morning went really well. She was having fun at the hospital and had no idea what was about to happen to her....

I was mentally prepared for the dreaded operating room walk...I have been down this path twice already with my son Joel, so I was strong for her.

She did really well and barely cried.

But, my poor heart broke for her since coming out of this surgery will be very rough.

She is in the OR now.  

Say some prayers.....

Keep you posted....