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Friday, December 27, 2013

First Christmas- Top 10

Top 10 moments from the 2013 Fantz family Christmas. 

(Gia and Jude's 1st Christmas)

10. Caroline bursting into tears when we told the kids we were keeping the abandoned puppy we found. (She did not want the puppy.)

9. Arriving at mass with 6 kids over a half hour early and being told the church is full and then having to jet to another church late to stand.
8. Finding Jude quietly eating candy off of the gingerbread house.

7. Finding Gia in the back room eating candy from her siblings stockings after she finished all her stocking candy by 9:00 am.

6. Jude having no interest in his own presents and instead spent the entire day strategizing how to take his siblings toys. Gia and Molly screaming as Jude yells "my stroller" "my baby" as he pushes around their new doll strollers.

5. Jude pointing and screaming "Jesus" anytime he spotted Santa Claus.
4.  Joel putting boxes on his head to terrify all his little siblings.

3. Jude putting boxes on his head and running into our walls screaming.
2. Jude deciding to help himself to the turkey drumstick at Christmas dinner. (And yes, he finished it.)

1. Molly deciding to bring her potty into to the living room to do her business while we were playing charades with the family and Grandparents. (no picture necessary)

We finally had to put Jude to bed with a screaming tantrum after he had stolen the 100th toy of the day.
(Next year we are getting a babysitter for Jude. lol)

Merry Christmas from the crazy Fantz clan!