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Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Jude!

This week we celebrated Jude's birthday....

Happy Birthday Jude!! You have been home now for 15 months.

You are a eager to be independent and try everything yourself. You are always copying whatever you see me doing, and you are constantly asking me if you can help me.... cooking, cleaning, opening the car door, laundry, anything!! It is very sweet.

If anyone makes a mess, you are the first to assist in cleaning it up. You are the 1st 3 year old I have ever met who is eager and loves to clean.

You are still a Daddy's boy. You have always loved and still do love your Daddy best.

You always want to be in the center of everything even when the activity is too overwhelming for you.

You are still very sensitive. You are physically tough.  If you get hurt, you at times do not even make a sound. But, if someone takes a toy or a sibling yells at you, you become overwhelmingly upset.

You do not like to be corrected.  If anyone corrects you, you get a very mad face, and you huff away.

You also have a hard time when things don't go your way. You can shut down and pout for hours.

Big brother Joel loves to tease you. Whenever he does, you scream at the top of your lungs. I keep trying to teach you to use your words, because it is a very fun game for Joel to get a screaming reaction from you. :)

You are physically strong. The climbing wall at the park. No problem. You've got it mastered. You love to play soccer, but still have a hard time playing because you want to hoard the ball. We haven't dropped that hoarding instinct. Once we were in music class and the instructor got out the balls, you wanted to play catch with me but had 2 balls in your arms.  I told you had to put the balls down if you wanted to play catch. But, instead you sat on both of them (so no one could take them from you). You are a smart boy. You were able to problem solve to get your hands free, but not let go of hoarding those balls.

Eating is still your favorite past time. We are still blown away by how much you eat. You definitely can out eat your Dad, which is a talent.

You are mastering English. You are already talking in sentences despite only being exposed to English for a year.

You are a heart breaker and a charmer. You have the sweetest smile and dimples on any kid I have ever seen. And, great thick wavy hair like your Dad.

Happy third birthday buddy!  We love you!