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Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th and Happy Birthday to Gigi

Dear Gigi,

You are now three, which means we now have 3 three year olds under one roof. The three toddlers are still the high demand crew. 

You are a very different child than you were a year ago. I have seen you blossom and grow in more ways than I ever thought was possible.

We have been working on counting to 3 together. You sometimes can master it, but most of the time you say "one, two, seven", and you proudly announce that you are seven years old.  So, happy 7th!

You are a chatter box. You don't know a lot of phrases, but the ones you do know you repeat them over and over again to start or continue any conversation. You are quite the social girl.

Very recently, you started to put sentences together. I have been shocked by this new explosion of language. You have had such a limited vocabulary for so long. It is amazing considering you only had 1 sound "ma" when we brought you home 15 months ago.

You are a giggle machine. You love to be silly. When you are acting crazy and the kids laugh at you, you always respond by saying, "I am not funny" in a mad voice, and then smile and say, "I'm silly."

You still get an extreme sad face whenever I have to tell you "no", but you can pull things together and move on very quickly. You rarely scream anymore (which is a miracle) except when someone touches one of your birthday presents, and you are now very good at using your words. Whenever Jude gets in trouble you will say things in a proper voice like, : "I am not screaming" "Gigi is sharing" basically the opposite of whatever Jude is getting in trouble for. I am not quite sure you are the angel you are portraying yourself to be in these moments. :)

You are getting an attitude. We have to do a lot of "do overs" to correct your tone of voice.  I'm not sure where you might of picked the attitude up from. Lol. I think I need to start working on my tone.

You love sweets. When I asked you what type of birthday you wanted you replied with "chocolate." I clarified and said, "Do you want a Dora, Bubble Guppies, or a Frozen birthday party?" And, you still responded with "chocolate party." Your brain was fixed on the cake part.

We still call you both Gia or Gigi, but you prefer Gigi. Whenever anyone asks you what your name is, you always respond with "Gigi"...never Gia.

You are still very bouncy and are always moving, but you are able to control your body so much more than you could a year ago.

You love the pool, and we have spent a lot of time there this summer. Once you get in the water, you always tell me "Gigi like it. Gigi happy." You are also getting very brave in the water with your floaties. You love to float on your black, jump off the side, and swoop with your head under the water. Your water fear is definitely gone.

You finally sleep...although sleep is definitely not your favorite past times (you would rather run like a wild child until you pass out). You have made amazingly strides in this area. I am so grateful we have finally tackled the chronic insomnia and night terrors. Sleep has made a positive difference in your entire personality and mood. (and your Mom's)

You have shot up like a weed. You are now the same height as Molly (who is 9 months older). I think it might be from all those iron supplements we had to give you for your sleep apnea.

You will start part-time preschool in the fall.  I am excited for this new chapter for you. Since you are so social, I am thinking you are going to love the social aspect of school.

Happy 3rd birthday Gigi. I can't wait to see the changes the next year will bring. We love you!!

4th of July in pictures....

 celebrating birthdays with cousins

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