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Monday, August 25, 2014

A Day of Firsts...

Let's start with me. :)

First time Mom gets a break in about 18 months...

I thought this day would never come. I have 6 kids in school!!!

First day of kindergarten for Joel. He is now with his big sisters.

First day of middle school for Emma. I now have a 6th grader.
First year of learning Spanish. She gets to start one hour of Spanish immersion everyday. She is pumped to add another language.

First year of English for Caroline. Her first 3 years of schooling have only been taught in Mandarin. She adds one hour of English everyday this year. We have really let the language immersion model take its course and have resisted doing any English tutoring up to this point. She is nervous, but excited.

First day of preschool for the high demand crew!

I feel like we have been preparing for this day for Jude and Gigi for the last year and a half. Our family has made some big sacrifices, so I could be home full time for attachment reasons. Having them start school this fall was a big goal of mine, and they are ready. Or, should I say.... I am ready. :)

Jude and Gia both were placed into a great special education program close to home. Molly just got into the class off the wait list a few days ago. Such a huge blessing. I am so grateful the 3 of them are all in the same class.

The 3 of them will be an interesting dynamic. I am sure they will be bossing each other around and fighting the whole time. I am not too concerned because I won't be there. :) We only had one incident today where Gia took a toy away from Jude, and he went shrieking after her.

Today parents were allowed to stay in the classroom for the transition. Tomorrow will be the true test. Drop off day!

And, this little guy didn't dare try to start school without drama. Yesterday his big brother lovingly pushed him into the corner of our entertainment cabinet.

First time I have a preschooler starting school with 10 stitches in their head.

Joel said to me today, "So Mom, when you drop the kids off at preschool, there will be no kids home at all. What are you going to do? You will be like Grandma and Grandpa." 

First time I have had all my kids in school without a baby at home. 

I have got 3 months to enjoy this before baby #7 arrives in November.

And, this little guy... My little one who has always despised school and had his Mother stressed for months about our choice to put him in full day Mandarin kindergarten.

The verdict: He came home and said he loved it! He announced...way better than his last school. He can't wait to go back.

I can't believe I have 6 kids in only 2 schools. I feel so blessed. I am incredibly grateful for the high quality public education my kids receive from their schools. 

God is good.


  1. wait, whoa! who is number 7? congrats. girly, you have your hands full. I have 2 and feel that I am often on the brink....and that being said, have not done a blog post in close to 2 months

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  3. What wonderful beginnings...Middle school and Spanish for Emma, English for Caroline, Kindergarten for Joel and pre-school for Molly, Gigi, and Jude...and mom can take time for herself for a few months more. It was a special day for me to spend time with you today, glowed with pride as you shared with me about your children's first day of school!